This is a great short video which I came across recently. A chap called Cesar Kuriyama recorded a second per day for a year. He spent this year visiting family, working on creative projects, reading, being in nature etc. – amazing!
What I liked particularly was that he left in the boring, slow days, and the difficult times. He captures the human experience of highs and lows, small pleasures and hard times. In fact, through filming these times, Kuriyama found it helped him to recognize and deal with them too.

We take our cameras out when we’re doing awesome things; we rarely do that when something horrible is happening. (Cesar Kuriyama)

One of the reasons why I find social media/ blogging and all that jazz interesting is that we have no external editor, reams of stuff is expressed by masses of people every day, and why not? Of course I’m not going to read it all, but the unaffected honesty of it all is charming. The freedom to choose what I want to learn about, and to hear and weigh up many perspectives from many different lives is great too.

TED Blog

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

On his 30th birthday, Cesar Kuriyama quit his job in advertising. At the same time, he started a project: “One Second Every Day” for which he cuts together one second of footage from every day of his life into an ever-expanding project. We’ve seen these daily-picture kind of projects before, but this is certainly ambitious. As Kuriyama explains, it’s a project he plans on conducting for the rest of his life. “If I live to 80, I will have a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life,” he says to applause. “At 40, I’ll have a one-hour video of my 30s.”

He shows the film to the audience, and it’s interesting to see how much richness the footage includes. Sometimes, he says, it can be difficult to narrow down his choice to just one second, but as the project has gone on, he has become…

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