My headache

Just got back from an evening class I am doing at the mo in Art Therapy, which is completely fascinating. We have been learning all about how painting and drawing can be a really good way of ‘talking’ about something that is really difficult to put into words, for example, a traumatic experience.

Right now, while hardly traumatic, my rather uncomfortable experience is that I have a humongously awful headache. So I thought that, since people are usually completely baffled by my perfectly reasonable headache explanations (“But Ollie it feels exactly like marshmallows are coming out of my ears!”), I would to treat y’all to these images which help me express how I feel.

(I’m also thinking that they might be a useful aid– you can print them off to use as flash cards when you’re ill so you don’t have to do any of that exhausting making conversation type stuff.)





I am now going to bed zzz


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