Sneakyness and vats of pasta


So I am one of those sneaky people who probably quite obviously draw complete strangers across from them on the train. I love it! And (trying to justify my self) I suppose if anyone totally hated it they’d say so right? :S Anyway, I thought I’d share a few with you (well, one for the mo while i search for my datastick).

It’s really interesting, trying to capture people in a minute or less. It forces me to translate only the most important things in my impression of each stranger. It means that I actually look at my fellow commuters; I wonder about their stories and realise they are real. And it also prevents that rage feeling you know – the one that is so easy to slip into when you come across a particularly large suitcase or a wanderer! So that’s good 🙂

I told my Cretan holiday landlady last week about commuting and she almost jumped out of her seat – “that’s crazy!!… Lizzie you eat nothing have more” (gesturing to a humungous pile of meatballs. “The ladies, all the ladies on my street get together before work each morning for coffee and then in the evening we many times cook like this” she tells us. Being an awkward Britain and a Londoner, this overt show of interest in anyone within close proximity is slightly baffling, but amazing at the same time. If we all had all our neighbours over for large piles of meatballs and vats of pasta each night wouldn’t it be great (falafel if you are veggie)?


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